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Myles' Favourite iPad News Readers... And More!

Submitted by Alex Saturday, 20 August 2011 08:23

Jillian, a long time neighbour and customer, was visiting the store and we got talking about podcasts and news readers. She recommended Brain Science Podcast, by Ginger Campbell, MD. Myles promised to send Jillian a list of his favourite news readers, and this is what followed!

As promised, here are my top readers for news on iPad:

Flipboard Flipboard - This is a kind-of do-it-yourself newsreader which achieved fame by allowing people to take the dull, leaden Facebook pages and turn it into a Newsweek-like layout.  Very attractive and customizable.  You can tell it to add your favourite RSS feeds accumulated in Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook, and a wide variety of news sources.  I make a point of making "friends" with people who have similar interests as I and whose opinion I generally respect.  One of my customers now sends me daily tech feeds that I might not otherwise notice.

Pulse Pulse - There I link the RSS feeds of some of the world's top newspapers and media outlets for general news, tech news, and sports on unique topic "Pages".  This way, for example, I can compare the coverage of world events between Canadian, US, European, and Asian news outlets.

Zite Zite - This Vancouver-based newsreader gives you a similar feel to Flipboard and seems to have a really good algorithm behind it choosing for me which articles to read.  I really like it's easy sharing option, so I can share favourite articles with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

News360 News360.  This newsreader also gives great comparative shopping among the news services to get various perspectives on a single news issues.  It also allows you to customize news feeds to some extent to focus on a particular issue attracting your attention.  For example, when we were recently in San Francisco we dined at Chez Panisse, a famous restaurant started by Alice Waters.  Some people had claimed that Alice's dishes were suffering from a lack of creativity recently, so I wanted to follow news links to her over
time. Instead of just Googling Alice Waters, I set up a favourite in News360 and review it periodically.

I am experimenting a few others including Boxee, a video newsreader and Eyewitness, a "week in photos" type newsreader. I still occasionally use Cooliris to view the week in images.

You might think that with all these news reader I hardly have time for anything else, but you'd be wrong. I still plow through a book every week or two, and not an e-book either. I still make great use of the public library.  I am currently reading Henry Kissinger "On
China", a great primer for high-level US-China diplomacy.

I review every book I read and post it on We Read, a Facebook plug-in.  You can read all my reviews my becoming my friend on Facebook. You can also follow our stores on Facebook (RiverdaleMac & BeachMac) & Twitter.

Have a nice weekend.


August Workshops!

Submitted by Alex Wednesday, 10 August 2011 12:32

Join us for a Workshop on your Mac or on iMovie with the fresh new memories you've collected on video this summer.


Intro to Mac

Hands-On Workshop @ RiverdaleMac 
Wednesday August 17th, 2011
6:00pm to 8:00pm (2 Hours) 

Great for new Mac owners or anyone that would like to know more about their Mac. Ideal for Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard users. Topics will include desktop layout and accessibility, navigating through documents, photos, music and movies. We will also explore some of the included apps, such as Safari, Mail, and Time Machine (Backup). A question and answer period will be available afterwards.


Intro to iMovie'11

Hands-On Workshop @ RiverdaleMac
Wednesday August 24th, 2011
4:00pm to 6:00pm (2 Hours) 

Ideal for Mac owners with iLife'11, this workshop will focus on the iMovie'11 layout, importing and organizing your videos, editing, improving and sharing your videos as well as the next steps beyond iMovie. A question and answer period will also be available.


Register in-person, via email or by phone at 416-778-4048.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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