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Before the End

Submitted by Alex Saturday, 24 September 2011 08:56

Our long time employee and friend, Rylan, has just released his first album. His band's called Before the End and he has partnered with his brother Liam to make some really spectacular rock. He's released a few tracks on Facebook and it would mean so much to us if the RiverdaleMac community would join us in congratulating him. Visit his Facebook Page here and take a listen. It's really great stuff.

PS. It was made 100% on a Mac! Great job Rylan!

Myles' Top 5 Podcasts

Submitted by Alex Thursday, 08 September 2011 15:05

Podcast IconPeople frequently overlook the quantity and the quality of free podcasts available on the iTunes Store.  When people ask me what I think is Apple Inc.'s biggest strength I harken back to the gigantic community of people and organizations who freely contribute their time and expertise to make Apple's online presence the most sophisticated and deep presence on the web. The iTunes Store now has hundreds of free college and university courses, town hall meetings from great think tanks, industry-specific conversations, travel views, and a lot more. A small selection of my favourite podcasts should illustrate what I mean.

1) Inside The New York Times Book Review with Sam Tanenhaus

One of my favourite Sunday morning pleasures was opening the Sunday New York Times to the Book Review section and diving into the latest and greatest books published, usually reviewed by great readers and sometimes even by great writers. Now I get my fix by podcast direct from the editor of the section, Sam Tanenhaus,
a funny and provocative voice in his own right. Sam usually interviews two authors or reviewers of books showing up in that week's Book Review, and there is usually a set commentary about the book industry, and a roundup of the Bestsellers List by the very funny Jennifer Scheussler.

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