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Calling All Artists!

Submitted by Alex Monday, 06 June 2011 09:37

The annual Beaches Jazz Festival is coming, July 21st - 23rd, the Beaches neighbourhood will be full of people enjoying music, food, activities and culture as only Toronto can provide! BeachMac is of course going to be there! We will have live music on the 22nd and 23rd in front of the store as well as live demos of our incredible products. That's where you can help! Are you a budding artist that would like to earn some money, promote your craft and take part in this legendary festival?

We're looking for artists to draw caricatures and sketches of people on an iPad 2! We will provide the iPad and the location. We'll also have the iPad set up to print the pictures, email them to customers or post on Facebook! Here's the best part, as the artist you will get to keep any money you earn! Get in touch soon! We're looking for a few talented folks to have a ton of fun, share your art & earn some money. Contact Myles at 416.849.0694 or and send along some samples of your art.

The Best Stylus for iPad 2/iPhone/iPod touch

Submitted by Jennifer Saturday, 04 June 2011 19:26

With the introduction of the iPad and drawing and writing apps like Zen Brushes and Penultimate as well as the occasional need for more precise navigation on the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch we are seeing a number of brands expand into this new market with the perfect tablet stylus. Based on your feedback here are the best styli and why.

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