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Saturday, 04 June 2011 19:26

The Best Stylus for iPad 2/iPhone/iPod touch

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With the introduction of the iPad and drawing and writing apps like Zen Brushes and Penultimate as well as the occasional need for more precise navigation on the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch we are seeing a number of brands expand into this new market with the perfect tablet stylus. Based on your feedback here are the best styli and why.

1. Just Mobile Alupen

2. Logiix Stylus Pro

3. Pogo Sketch 

Just Mobile Alupen
Logiix Stylus Pro
Pogo Sketch
The size of a crayon this stylus simply has the best response due to it's weight. It employs a silicon-rubber-nib that responds really well for sketching and writing. Ships with a case and is available in Red, Blue, Green, Silver, Charcoal, Gold and Silver.  Skinner than the Alupen this stylus also uses a silicon-rubber-nib that responds well on-screen. Includes a small clip and is available in Black, Red, Blue Purple and Pink. A micro-version is also available the Logiix Stylus Pro Jr.  Logiix is a Canadian Company.
One of the first styli to enter the market this stylus offers a capacitive foam nib that responds best for precision work. The slimmest of the styli it includes a small clip. Available in Silver or Hot Pink.

4. Griffin Slimline Stylus

5. Targus iPad Stylus

6. Hard Candy Silver Pen & Stylus

Griffin Slimline Stylus
Targus Stylus
Hard Candy Stylus & Pen
Similar to the Logiix Stylus Pro offers a capacitive rubber nib ideal for smooth drawing and navigation and includes a small clip. Also similar to the Logiix Stylus Pro not too heavy and not too light ideal for writing, sketching and navigating. Offers a silicone-rubber-tip and is available in Blue or Black. Handy because it offers a ballpoint pen on one end this stylus is heavy due to it's weighted chrome shell. Capacitive nib is ideal for hand writing.

Most models are in-stock and available to try. The differences are easy to feel instantly.

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